Looking For a New Computer? How About a Custom Built PC..?

Are you in the search of a new PC? If so, you might have some peculiar ideas on the  specifications that you had been eyeing with.

Getting yourself a new PC could be a little bit tricky as you always have certain requirements or something we may call as “wants”. You see, not everyone seeking for the same thing and not everyone use PC for the same function as we do. It could either being used for basic purpose and as long as their basic needs are provided, it would be perfect enough for them.

But what about us, the ones whom used PC beyond the Microsoft Office itself. The crave of satisfaction, craving for something that could fill the “wants” and still fits everything into your budget. For these kind of people, a custom built PC is just what you need.

Why custom build your pc…?

  1. Customizing your PC allows you to choose only the best hardware, cooling, storage and the processor that you need while fitting in all the requirements within your budget.
  2. A built-up computer could be a handful when it comes to fixing it as you need to submit it to the store in whole while a custom-built pc requires the broken parts solely to be taken out. Extra good news for you, the warranty of these customize PC differs based on the component with minimum of 2-5 years or warranty.
  3. Not only the components, you could also select the best operating system for your PC. 

Well, it is your PC and it’s really up to you on how you want it to be.

Starts Building your PC with US!

Doesn’t matter what kind of ideal PC you have in mind, if you’re not a risk-taker of building your own PC, feel free to chat with us and we would help you to design your ideal PC suiting to your wallet.  The selections for your desktop, workstation, or laptop are unlimited, but the most popular options are :

  • Advanced CPUs (Central Processing Units) and GPUs (Graphics Processing Units)
  • Storage devices 
  • RGB lights
  • CPU cooling systems

Besides building it for you, we do offer fixing service with written warranty for your purchase with us. If something goes wrong with your computer, just come back to us and we will fix it for you!

  • Replacement for parts
  • Problems with overheating, stability, speed, booting, etc.
  • Upgrades for parts including hard drives and processors

Getting a custom-built PC will ensure you have the best parts, storage, processing capabilities, and operating system that you need; allowing you to leave some  room for upgrades and further customization with the best technical support and warranty. So, if you’re considering to customize your PC, do not hesitate to call or visit Brightstar today.

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