Have You Been Rebooting NVIDIA GeForce Experience Wrongly?

Are you familiar of this situation? If the answer is yes, it is common each time we updated the GeForce Experience and it might be unpleasant for those whom had been using this feature for regular basis.

Now, did you encounter this problem?

If you had been uninstall and reinstall GeForce Experience, rebooting the PC, reinstall the Graphics card driver, etc.; you had been doing it wrongly because it doesn’t helped most of the time.

What happened here is that every time you updated the GeForce Experience, the installer somewhat overwrites the Log On account for this service with the current account that you’re logged in. If your account lacks of the required privilege to access the service, the service will fail to start and that’s what prevents you from starting GeForce Experience.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience Error Services (2)
NVIDIA GeForce Experience Error Services (1)

To access to this local service, you can either press Windows key + R and type in services.msc or just type services in your Start Menu and select the services option that has a gear-like icon.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience Error Services (3)

Once you’re in, scroll down and look for the service with the name ‘NVIDIA Telemetry Container’ and double click on it.


In the properties window, you can see that the service status is stopped. At this point, there’s no way for you to start the service at all – pressing the start button will only give you an error message.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience Error Services (5)

 As you click on the Log On tab, you’ll see the radio button is set to the 2nd option – this account. All you need to do here is to select the option ‘Local System account’ and click Apply. Once it’s applied, you can go back to the General tab to start the service again.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience Error Services (6)

Selecting the option ‘Local System account’ is guaranteed to work and you can now start the service without any error. With the service now started successfully, click OK to close the properties window and try running GeForce Experience again.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience Error Fix (1)

If you follow all the steps as mentioned above, you can get GeForce Experience running again.

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