Arctic Alpine 12 CO Compact Intel CPU Air Cooler

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  • Intel Socket: 1156, 1155, 1151, 1150, 1200
  • The Alpine 12 CO features a new motor technology with a very wide, PWM-controlled RPM range. This keeps the noise level at a minimum while guaranteeing maximum cooling performance when needed
  • The new Alpine 12 CO is powered by an updated motor and runs much more efficiently than its predecessors. Due to sinus-magnetizing the new motor creates just 5 % of vibrations from commutation of a regular DC-motor
  • The premium quality Japanese dual ball bearing allows continuous operation 24/7 without the slightest compromise in performance
  • A 10 °C lower motor temperature roughly doubles the life span of a fan. The new ARCTIC motor has a four times longer service life through its low coil temperature
  • 6 Years Warranty

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