Asus Gaming C3 Webcam

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▶️ Asus webcam c3

-sharp hd (1920×1080) video with smooth 30 fps output
-effectively reduce environmental noise to provide clear video calls, even during games
-90 adjustable pitch angle° Fixed clip for all kinds of laptop screen with table machine monitor, 360° Rotating mechanism provides flexible camera angle
-compatible with popular applications such as skype, microsoft® Teams and zoom
-a broad perspective is ideal for meetings, offices away, or online chats with two or more people sitting side by side

▶️Product introduction
Usb camera with 1080p 30 fps video function with beamforming microphone to provide better serial streaming video quality, adjustable clamp for various devices

▶️Product specifications

Name of product: Asus webcam c3
Model: 90yh0340-b2ua00
Warranty: 1 years
Source: Company goods
Accessories: No
Connection mode: Usb
Use of the platform: Pc, mac
Length of connection: 2 meters
Product size: 8.0×4.8×5.0 cm (wide x long x high)
Remarks: Vidio resolution: 1080p 30fps
Focus type: fixed
Polar patterns: learning (dual mic)
Package contractors:
-asus webcam c3
-quick-start guide


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▶️Notes on return of goods

3c related goods, for one-time packaging, non-removable or trial, please be sure to confirm that there is a purchase demand for re-seal.
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▶️Brand story
From a professional brand to an international 3c brand that sells around the world, asus has consistently insisted on uncompromising quality and innovation.The chinese name is expected to be chinese, while the english name is inspired by the greek myth of pegasus, which symbolizes the image of holiness, perfection and innocence, and represents asus’s never-slackening and pursuit of excellence.

The rog player republic, which was born in 2006, represents the ultimate efficiency and top-level specification quality, and is the top hardware that players around the world are constantly pursuing.
In the spirit of transcendence, based on the experience of the players, continue to promote amazing ideas and ideas, constantly create the design and function for the players, become the champion among the brands.
Asus adheres to the spirit of the rog player republic, focusing on the player’s ultimate experience.In the booming asian region of the gaming industry, net coffee is just a place where players can experience top hardware on the front line,

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