Armorig Extended XXL Gaming Mousepad Black & Red

RM 39.00

Designed by and Use as ARMORIG ACC (A great partner for any brand of Mouse and Keyboard)
Size : 80cm (L) x 30cm (H)

Large Thick Mouse Mat for Computer Keyboard + Mouse (Armorig logo area)
Material: rubber + fabric, double sided – A non-slip rubber base prevents any movement while playing.

High-quality polymer surface with microtextured finish that guarantees effortless precision and speed. The surface is soft for fast-paced games and is also very easy to clean. A non-slip rubber base design has prevented movement during the game.

Suitable for all types of mouse, laser or optical and keyboard. For your mouse to move without taking up too much space. Easy to manage your desktop. Thickness of 3mm to adapt to all surfaces.

Micro-textured finish that gives you precise precision and effortless speed and the precise and consistent surface ensures that each movement of the mouse is transformed into cursor movement.

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