Continuing the legacy of Swift series, Acer Swift 3 seems to have something extra promising compared to the previous series that you can really look forward IF you’re looking for professional device.


Empowered by Intel I5-8265U (6M 1.6GHZ), this 14″ laptop of 8GB RAM and 512 SSD would definitely impress you with it’s swiftness in whole performance.

Features and design

 For a notebook of sturdy case with the minimal of flex in the hood or chassis, this notebook worth to be recognized. If you’re familiar with the colors of Acer, the dull silver could turn into a “wow” with them especially as this aluminium notebook has a slightly reflective Acer logo gleaming in the center of the lid.

Well. there’s plenty of people had been claiming notebook is almost like the dupe of MAcbook Air in terms of build quality which is a good thing as you could get almost similar design with much cheaper price from the original product of Apple.

This laptop is favored by me due to it light-weight which is very handy for a person whom travels a lot and to be frank, it’s sturdiness as it doesn’t scratch or smudge easily allows you to be at ease to use it in anytime, anywhere.

Similar to any of other Acer design,the type-C USB port, a USB 3.0 port, HDMI and a Kensington lock slot are situated on the right side of this machine while the microSD card slow, audio-output jack and a USB 2.0 port is being located on the other side.

On the right side of the touchpad, a fingerprint reader could be found. Being controlled by Windows Hello, this biometric measure guarded the content of this machine.

To be frank, I really love how I could run my fingers smoothly on this laptop but the only problem with the keyboard is that the power button is located right above the backspace which is if you’re a true swifter in typing, you might accidentally shut down your laptop instead of pressing the backspace.  

BATTERy & BEneficial installed software

Without the connection of WiFi, the battery could last for 10 hours at the longest with or without WiFi connection but once you started browsing or gets into Netflix, the battery could be reduced up to 3 hours, leaving the laptop with 7 hours of performance. Well, the battery life-span of this notebook could be better but to me, it is satisfying enough for a person to go wireless temporarily for the day.

In terms of the installed applications, here are some that may be beneficial for you:-

  • Acer Care 
  • Password Free-Login ( GO Trust ID)
  • Photo Director 8 for Acer
  • Power Director 14
  • Wise Auto Connection

the verdict

Being new in this whole review thing, I might not sound convincing enough for you to decide that this is the best option for you but I stand with what I had been claiming since the start, this laptop deserve to be recognized and trust me, the performance of this laptop in terms of multi-tasking is just the best with what you’re paying for. So, how much would this be price, you may wonder..?

Well, you could grab this notebook with only RM2399 and if you’re hooked with it, you may purchase it with us, Brightstar Computer by only clicking HERE!

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