New Offline Game for Microsoft Edge, Anyone?

William Devereux, senior PM of Microsoft Edge had announced on his Twitter upon the arrival of The edge://surf game.

The Edge surf game is very similar to SkiFree, a classic skiing game that was released as part of Microsoft’s Entertainment Pack 3 for Windows back in 1991. While it was used as part of an elaborate Easter egg hunt, where Microsoft employees posted cryptic clues to a series of puzzles and images, the software maker is now making it an offline game in the browser.

There will be three modes available: a classic surf mode, a time trial, and a slalom mode where you surf between gates. The standard classic surf mode is an endless surfer mode where you have to avoid obstacles and a kraken following you at all times. Time trial is self-explanatory, but Microsoft has added in coins to collect so you can shorten the time and find speedy routes. The zig-zag mode is perhaps the most difficult, as you’ll need to hit every single gate, otherwise the streak will get reset and all you need to do is to play with your keyboard, mouse, touch, or gamepad.

Deveruex also stated that the game settings would be including various helpful features such as highest score, instructions on how to play, high visibility and reduced speed modes (the former turns on hit boxes to make avoiding collisions easier), and more. You could always change the mode of the game through the setting as well.

Microsoft is adding this to Edge Canary and Dev builds of the browser today, and it’ll appear in the main stable version of the browser soon. You’ll be able to access it from edge://surf/ in the address bar in Edge.

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