When it comes to HP laptops, their signature red and black color would be the first thing that crossed my mind and welp, this notebook ain’t getting any exemption. 


As you can see based on the pictures above, the outer case is fully covered in red while the inner case including the keyboard section are black in colour; maintaining their signature design.

One good thing about the design of this laptop is the fact that it could be categorized into one of the slim notebook and very portable due to the lightweight. I tried to raise it with just one arm and i barely feel the burden.

One thing that could be considered as a minus for this laptop is that it didn’t provide fingerprint reader which I could say, an ouch for Hp since we’re moving forward and Hp shouldn’t be “stingy” with it.


Empowered by AMD A4-9125 Dual-Core (1M 2.3GHZ), this 14″ laptop of 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD is expected to be reliable enough in performing at it’s best. With an extra of AMD Radeon™ R3 Graphics with display resolution of 1366 x 768, this laptop seems to be the best for someone whom looking for something for leisure purpose. 


To be frank, there’s not much i could test upon this notebook because the fact is, this laptop is one of the budget laptop in the market. There’s nothing much for me to play with, I couldn’t really tell you on the battery progress since the battery logo didn’t provide any indicator on the time left and all they had was the percentage of the battery, so… Yeah… I’m sorry I couldn’t really help you on that.

In terms of performance, okay, i tried to be multi-tasking by opening various apps but failed. Once I opened the browser, they just started to slow down and lags a lil’ bit. Hence, I wouldn’t suggest this for anyone whom seeks for something multi-tasking but if you’re just up for something that truly tight in budget and only for leisure purpose or if you’re student whom just use basic microsoft apps for your studies,being on Netflix occasionally or something, this may be just perfect for you.

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