Todak is one of the famous gaming team in Malaysia and with their major influence in gaming, Todak came out with their own gaming gears that guarantees the best gaming experience in Malaysia.


Notice the existence of RGB lighting via a high polymer optic fiber light tube that wraps this pad and with the extra of being made using a high quality material, this classy mouse pad possessed the exclusiveness of it’s own. With the thickness of 3mm, it is actually quite a sturdy pad which allows the mouse to glide smoothly, you could actually enjoy your gaming session as it ensures zero slip and hence, it maximize the satisfaction.

Being equipped with extra USB ports being attached on the side-top of the pad, it allows for better cable management. At the same time, the Permaidani mousepad can deliver the portability to users as it can also be used for charging your devices.

Comes with two sizes of normal and extended version, the extended version would be favorable if you would be gaming using external keyboards. 


Designed for the best gaming experience, Mahsuri Wired Gaming Mouse is something that should goes into your buying cart. This mouse features an advanced optical sensor from as low as 50 DPI up to 16000 DPI which can be adjusted via Todak Cakra software. Besides that, the DPI adjustment buttons are located strategically in the middle of the mouse, allowing the in game control to be easily accessed while gaming. 

In order to bring the competitive level of precision into the gaming session, this Mahsuri is also equipped by ergonomic thumb grid with wide base for better grip and allowing your hand to rest while in use; making your gaming session seemless.


Made with solid aluminum, this headphone is surprising truly light in weight and designed with a user friendly form as it could be adjusted easily and with a closed over-ear cups; the 53 mm audio driver paired with Extra Large padding made from protein PU and memory foam cushion allows you to maximize the gaming experience as it easily cancelled the noise and you could just enjoy your game to the fullest.

Controlling the audio volume would definitely be easier as TODAK MARAKARMA’s 2.4m braided cable is equipped with a control module in order to ensure that your gaming session is not interrupted. As the matter fact, the moment you slip on this headphone upon your head, you could barely hear the noise of the surroundings anymore.

Came in detached forms in a box, Marakarma allows you to customize your headphone with the desired microphones as it comes in  two different purpose, for casual usage or professional communication.

All of these Todak Hikayat Series could be purchased on our website by clicking the link HERE!

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