In the part of Todak Hikayat Series, I had introduced to you guys the “Permaidani” mousepad, “Mahsuri” wireless gaming mouse and lastly, the “Marakarma” gaming headset. In this second part, I would introduce another two of their main item; “Mahawangsa” and “Dang Anum”.

mahawangsa gaming keyboard

Comes in two colour options of black and blue switches, each color serves it’s users with different roles respectively.

The Kailh Black Switches offers linear and silent behavioural for smooth typing experience with less wobbles, suitable for professional occasion while the Kailh Blue Switch would boost the excitement for vigorous gameplay due to it’s clicky behavioural.

A volume and brightness controller are strategically placed at the top of the keyboard, looking extra attractive with the classy Todak’s engraving dial. Equipped with customizable macro buttons and multimedia keys,you could customize your desired gaming commands via TODAK CAKRA software, easing you in controlling the game especially when you’re heated with intense gaming. 

Being user friendly, this keyboard also enables on board control for Windows and Anti-Ghosting keys which could be enable/disable easily by taping onto the assigned keys on the keyboard. Not only by that,an extra of two USB port for device connectivity are attached along with the keyboard, ensuring the portability at its finest. 

Coming along with this device is a detachable magnetic hand rest for absolute wrist support. It adapts to the sloping wrist contours and outstandingly stays on without sliding away from the keyboard, maximizing your gaming experience to the top.

dang anum  wired gaming mouse

A little bit different compared to “Mahsuri” in terms of design and functions, “Dang Anum” is the budget version of mouse distributed by Todak. 

This mouse is not much less as it is still designed with the ergonomic and wide thumb grip mouse for maximum comfort no matter how you hold the mouse. Elegantly equipped with enhanced RGB back-lighting, spread across the wide grip area and can be easily controlled with an adjustment button placed just below the mouse, this mouse has the class of its own.

In additional, this mouse is perfectly paired with Huanyu switch, a revolutionary mouse switch optimized and calibrated for seamless game-play; ensuring the  longevity of the mouse as it is rated at 20 million clicks for both buttons.

When it comes to responsiveness,it could be adjusted via the Cakra software from 50 DPI up to 16000 DPI optical sensor. This mouse is also capable of adjusting itself automatically up to 12000 frames per second with strategically placed DPI adjustment buttons for optimum in-game control.

All of these Todak Hikayat Series could be purchased on our website by clicking the link HERE!

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