The Restricted Movement Order (RMO) has resulted in all service centers being closed down, and it would be really unfortunate if your warranty ends during the RMO and you were unable to bring your faulty device to a service center for a warranty claim during this period. To ensure that their customers won’t face such issues, ASUS Malaysia will be extending the warranty for all their products by 30 days after the RMO is over, if the warranty ends during the RMO period.

This covers all of ASUS’ products, ranging from their laptops to their components. Any device which will see its warranty end during the RMO period will enjoy the 30-day warranty extension after the MCO is over, giving customers time to bring their devices to an authorized service center for warranty claims.

ASUS has previously announced the Perfect Warranty coverage that covers up to 80% of the repair costs even if the damage was user-induced. ASUS Malaysia is really stepping up their aftersales services recently, and that’s always nice to see.

You can head over to ASUS’ official support channel or message them on Facebook for more info about the warranty extension.

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