Aren’t We All Eager For Worms 2020?

The famous developer of Team17 had posted a teaser of the famous classic game, Worms that would be released this year through their Twitter post.

The British game developer and publisher is bringing back this legendary game franchise after a long hiatus of 4 years. A tactical turn-based game chock full of chaos, I’m pretty sure this news would excite us; those whom grew up along with this game.

Worms is a multiplayer artillery shooting game that involves players taking turns shooting at each other by aiming their angles correctly while maneuver across deformed but destructible landscapes that creates chaos which requires players to adjust and adapt across different strategies in order to take out the opponent.

The main difference to other similar titles is that player models are literally cute, cartoonish worms that resemble the title, have hands and are armed with weapons, and is regarded as the series that popularized the genre. It’s also combined with some slapstick humor to make everything enjoyable.

Announced via their official Twitter account, all we know is that there will be a Worms 2020 game but nothing much apart from that. It doesn’t have an official name, exact release date, or visuals of what the game will look like.

The tweet does include a short video of older games in the franchise over the years before it zooms out to show an old school TV set. A worm then jumps in with a bat and smashes it before smacking away a grenade and finally being blown up by a holy-hand-grenade.

Well, I guess all we could do is to wait patiently or should I be eager for this classic game?

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